"Media Library".mimiCopy is a music player that helps guitarists and other musicians 'learn by ear' a track of their choice. You can playba" />

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mimiCopy 1.7.2 ios官方版

mimiCopy 1.7.2 ios官方版

  • 分类:音乐软件
  • 大小:6 MB
  • 语言:日文, 英语
  • 版本:1.7.2
  • 时间:2024-02-12 21:19:18
  • 星级:
  • 官网:http://mimicopy.artteknika.com/index_eng.html
  • 厂商:ART Teknika, Inc.
  • 平台:iOS 8.0 或更高版本
  • 标签: 音乐

软件Tags: 音乐

**If you can not access the music library on iOS10, check that mimiCopy is ON in "Settings" in "Privacy" -> "Media Library".

mimiCopy is a music player that helps guitarists and other musicians 'learn by ear' a track of their choice. You can playback at slower speed without any change in pitch, or use the waveform view to skip to a particular segment or set a loop. You can also load your favorite track from your iPod library!

Main features
- Time stretch function for playing back at different speeds without any change in pitch.
Ideal for slow playback of fast phrases.
(Features the high-quality time stretch engine(*1))
(speed controlrange:25%-200%)
- pitch shift function. Adjustment range: ±1 octave
- Waveform view for easily skipping to a desired segment or setting a (A-B)loop.
- Simple (A-B)loop setup by tapping the start and end positions during playback. Loop intervals can be set to three locations.
- Quick rewind function for going back to replay just the few seconds that you've missed.
- Supports importing of tracks from your iPod library.(*2)
- File import via WiFi or USB.
- Option to disable Auto-Lock while the main view is open.
- Universal app (supports iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad).
- Memo function.
- Flexible audio routing. mimiCopy has its own volume control. It can also adjust the right and left volume. or can change the right and left channel.

- Intuitive and hassle-free interface.
Let mimiCopy be your handy sidekick in your music life.
* Some functions are features of the Pro version. Pro version users must register (registration is free).

Suggested Usage
- Transcribe speeches, interviews, conferences, etc.
- Enjoy seminars and podcasts at faster (or slower) speed.
(High-quality time stretch engine makes listening easier than with iPod's generic 1/2x and 2x playback)

If mimiCopy shows "unknown error", try following:
When the dialog of opening cannot be closed, please force the app to close or reboot your device. . 
Force the app to close:
1. From the Home screen, double-click the Home button to display recently used apps.
2. Tap and hold the app until a red minus appears. Tap the red minus to quit the app.
3. Tap on the Home screen, above, to return.

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(*1)Featuring the time stretch engine by P SOFTHOUSE Co.,Ltd.
(*2)DRM protected files(Song bought from iTunes) are not supported. iTunes Plus files are supported. Other files may not be supported depending on the encoding format.

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